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Keeping our clients informed is important to us so we regularly publish our thoughts on topics that will be of interest to anyone involved with commercial property. We call them ‘insights’ and we hope you find them of interest.

Air conditioners

Summer is on the way and that means hot days when the tenant will turn on the air conditioner, possibly for the first time in

Post Covid Rent Reviews

One of the benefits of having been in the industry for many years is that you get an historical perspective on various matters. When I

Code of Conduct ‘Leasing Principles’

LEASING PRINCIPLES In negotiation and enacting appropriate temporary arrangements under this Code, the following leasing principles should be applied as soon as practicable on a

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners Of all the equipment generally classed as “Landlord’s plant”, these seem to cause the most problems. Generally, the issues revolve around responsibility for

CPI% v 3% fixed increases

CPI% v Fixed 3% At The Lease Bureau we see the results of a lot of lease negotiations and lately we’ve noticed a trend towards

Monthly Tenancies – BEWARE

Monthly Tenancies To the Landlord (Do not show this to your Monthly Tenants!) How would you like your new tenant to stay in your Premises


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